The VascuTherm 4 is a Multi-Modality Approach to the Prevention of Venous Thromboembolism (VTE), Post-Operative Pain, and Edema

The VascuTherm 4 treats post-op edema and pain and offers highly effective DVT prophylaxis by combining heating/cooling temperature management with vascular compression. Through programmable multiple treatment modalities – the VascuTherm 4 delivers a totally unique and proprietary thermal compression therapy solution in one easily transportable device. Solid-state technology eliminates the need for ice, offers precise temperature control for preventing thermal tissue damage and delivers exceptional reliability.

In addition to DVT prophylaxis VascuTherm 4 can assist with:

  • Edema – Reduction of edema associated with soft tissue injuries such as burns, postoperative edema, and ligament.
  • Lymphedema – Treatment of disorders associates with vascular or lymphatic insufficiency such as Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI), venous stasis ulcers, post mastectomy edema and chronic lymphedema.
  • Pain – Cold or Heat therapy for pain management.

Intermittent pneumatic compression has been proven to reduce the risk of morbidity and mortality associated with DVT and pulmonary embolism following surgery, and avoids the risk of bleeding associated with chemical prophylactic agents.