Innovator DLX®

  • The simple, versatile post-operative knee bracing solution!
  • OneTouch™ hinge for ease of adjustment
  • Reusable ROM locks for easy, accurate and quick fitting that ensures patient compliance
  • Quick release buckles for easy donning and doffing
  • Cool wrap soft goods for improved support and easier strut length adjustments
  • Hyperextension stop at -10°
  • Gastroc strap limits migration
  • Available in both a full soft good version and a cool version
  • OneTouch™ drop lock button
  • Simply press, rotate and release flexion/extension settings
  • OneTouch™ lever enables easy release for slide-to-size length adjustments 4 Slide-to-size struts allow for easy length adjustments from 17” to 28”

Post-op/post-injury ROM control or immobilization

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