Rebound® Hip

Össur’s Rebound Hip brace delivers gentle controlling forces and effective functional ROM restriction in extension/ flexion and abduction/ adduction to promote optimal post-surgical outcomes. The low-profile, lightweight design supports patient comfort and compliance. The universal frame and softgood are easy to stock, assemble and quickly fit.

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Rebound hip brace controls extension/flexion and adduction/ abduction and allows patients to safely perform daily activities by limiting flexion, extension, and rotation. The capsule is protected during critical post-surgical rehabilitation.

Flexion and extension range of motion can be easily controlled by adjusting the stops in the hip plate; rotation can be addressed with the position of the thigh strap.

This brace is universal so you can use it for your left or right side. By applying a constant gentle force to the aected side, the femoral head position is maintained in the acetabulum. Conventional orthoses hold the leg in rigid abduction, which results in an abnormal gait pattern and compliance issues.

Rebound Hip was designed:

  • For successful post-surgical outcomes
  • To protect against hip dislocation (Prophylaxis)
  • For pain reduction through positional and motional control in flexion, extension and abduction

Rebound Hip can be used to limit range of motion to help ensure optimal post-surgical outcomes for:

  • Hip replacement patients
  • Femoral acetabular impingement arthroscopic surgery