Here at CoastLine Medical, Inc. we value our customers above all else. We pride ourselves in implementing responsible billing practices, creating personal patient interactions and developing unparalleled clinical relationships.

Responsible Billing Practices
Unlike other DME companies, we check patient benefits FIRST, and then deliver the product to the patient in a quick and efficient manner. This means no surprise insurance bills in the mail. We let each patient know what their financial responsibility will be, if any…and we allow patients to make payments if necessary.

Personal Patient Interaction
We deliver 90% of our products to the patient in the comfort of their own home. This has proven to be much more patient-accepted than requiring a separate appointment for the sole purpose of product delivery. This also allows clinicians the ability to help other patients, leaving product deliver up to CoastLine Medical, Inc.

Clinical Relationships
We consider ourselves an extension of your office. We provide a seamless, professional experience to each and every patient we serve. Allow us to extend your clinical care to each patient and reinforce your clinic’s reputation by delivering an un-paralleled patient experience.

To learn more about the products we provide, or to schedule an in-service for your clinic, contact CoastLine Medical, Inc via email,
or call us 757-275-8050.