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“Hello, I just wanted to thank you again for the support and great customer service. The foot orthotics and my feet feel great. I told four friends who are also having problems about your wonderful product. Thank you.”

– Bernita Allen

“Dear Mr. Ray,  
Thank you for your advice and assistance regarding my son’s durable medical equipment. As you are aware,my son Richie Cannella is recovering from surgery for a complete rupture of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL). I waited to send you this update until Richie met a personal goal in his recovery. On January 1,2013, Richie ran 4 miles {102 days after surgery). We are very fortunate Richie was able to benefit from the advice and medical equipment you provided. In particular, I can attest to the significant improvement beyond conventional methods (ice, ace bandage, basic TENS unit) that Richie experienced due to the VascuTherm machine and the KneeHab XP. Along with his excellent surgeon and physical therapist, these two pieces of equipment proved to contribute significantly to Richie’s accelerated recovery.

Richie is a junior at Poquoson High School in Poquoson, Virginia. He is a starting varsity athlete for the football and baseball teams. Richie suffered the catastrophic inju ry to his ACL and surro unding ligaments/muscles during a football game on September 8, 2012. We quickly recognized the seriousness of the injury and the difficult recovery after meeting with the orthopedic surgeon. Richie is a star

pitcher for the varsity baseball team, but baseball in the Spring was doubtful when the injury occurred. The surgeon was adamant not to perform the ACL reconstruction until the knee was 100% ready which was anticipated to take over a month (Richie’s friend took 2 months). As parents we were adamant not to rush his surgery because we were most concerned about our son’s long-term health regardless of his desire to quickly return to sports.

The VascuTherm was prescribed immediately after the incident and prior to the surgery. Although we expected longer, the swelling, bruising, fluid, and pain were virtually gone within 10 days. Richie was able to have his ACL reconstruction 12 days late r on September 201 because the knee was nearly 100% with the obvious exception of the ruptured ACL. He had nearly complete mobility and flexion prior to his surgery. Richie’s ACL reconstruction included a patella autograft. The skilled surgeon and physical therapist were the primary factors in his recovery,but I am convinced that the VascuTherm and KneeHab XP contributed greatly to a quicker,less painful, and improved recovery based on our experience.

I was prepared by the online informat ion, surgeon, and physical therapist to expect a difficult recovery with significant pain, decrease in strength of upper leg muscles, atrophy,and loss of muscle mass,. We also had many friends tell us of personal experiences with ACL reconstruction, so we were prepared for the road ahead. The surgery went excellent from all accounts, but was extremely painful since the leg block wore off within 4 hours after surgery. As expected, he had significant edema, fluid, complete loss of flexion and mobility, and absolutely no strength in his upper leg. Richie was immediately put back on the VascuTherm . Within days we noticed a considerable decrease in the swelling, bruising,and amount of fluid surrounding his knee. The improveme nt allowed more mobility and flexion in the knee; however, he had a complete loss of muscle control and strength in the upper leg after the surgery. His quadriceps did not work after the surgery ! Richie also used the KneeHab XP three times per day. I saw the KneeHab XP fire his thigh muscles which is something he could not do on his own. The KneeHab XP resulted in a marked improvement in his recovery. At his 3 month post-op checkup, he had more strength in his surgery knee than his good knee based on the surgeon’ s assessment (lowered his body on a foot stool using each leg). He also had essentially equal mass/size of his thighs based on the physical therapists measurements.

The VascuTherm’s continuous cooling and compression and the KneeHab XP’s muscle strengthening contributed significantly to decreased pain. With decreased swelling and ability to move his leg, Richie had less pain. Within days after surgery Richie relied solely on the VascuTherm, Knee Hab XP, and occasional OTC ibuprofen to alleviate his pain. Recognizing the potential dangers of narcotic painkillers, I was extreme ly pleased that his pain was managed largely by the VascuTherm. Richie also benefited from the CPM,but did not need it for long because he was able to move his own leg quickly after the surgery.

As parents we expected a long, painful recovery. We couldn’t believe Richie’s accelerated recovery compared to others that had the same surgery. His recovery so far is nothing short of remarkable. Richie only needed 1crutch after the first week primarily for protect ion. He drove himself and girlfriend to the Homecoming Dance 16 days after surgery (no painkillers and doctor’s OK due to progress). After one month his Physical Therapist indicated that Richie was at the same point as other athletes (college and high school) at three months with similar circumstances. He was pushing a sled and running on the treadmill in the pool at 4 weeks. Within 6 weeks he regained 145 degree flexion per the Physical Therapist. After 8 weeks he was able to balance on one leg (his surgery leg) on a Bosu Ball lowering his body down to 90 degrees. Richie challenged other athletes/friends to do the same and they couldn’t do it with their good legs. After 10 weeks his physical therapist had him jogging short distances, working lateral ladder drills,and jumping exercises. The biggest challenge after 3 months was holding Richie back from doing too much.

As mentioned above, Richie ran 4 miles on New Year ‘s Day just 102 days after total ACL reconstruction with patella autograft. We still remain cautiously optimistic, but baseball in the Spring 2013 is looking very promising at this point. Richie’s recovery so far has been substantially superior in all aspects compared to his friends and other athletes. Based on my inquiries regarding his accelerated recovery, it appears that a key difference in his treatment was the use of the VascuTherm and the Knee Hab XP. I am convinced that the data underestimates the tangible and intangible benefits of using this technology along with an excellent surgeon and physical therapist. As evidenced by my son’s recovery, he experienced improved results (strength,mobility, stability, and flexion},no atrophy, shorter recovery time, reduction in pain, and reduced rehabilitation costs compared to a longer drawn out recovery process. I also want to note that we used the VascuTherm to prevent DVTs since he was as increased risk due to the surgery and lack of movement.

Again, thank you for your advice and assistance throughout Richie’s recovery.”

– Richard T. Cannella

“I wanted to write and tell you how pleased I was with the Vascutherm 2 Cryotherapy Unit. I had a rotator cuff tear repair. Dr. Nicholas Sablan did the repair and asked for the unit. I had talked with other patients and was told how much pain they were in and that their doctors just wanted them to use ice and pain medicines. When James Speller brought me the unit, he explained how to use it. The unit worked! After the surgery, I took pain medicine for three days. Then I kept the unit on for four days without pills and almost no swelling or pain.

Thanks CoastLine Medical!”

– Donald Wheeler

My experience with Coastline Medical was simply amazing they give you the personal attention everyone dreams about. Coastline Medical staff genuinely care about your quality of life.  They cater to the individual and not the masses great place top-notch wouldn’t go anywhere else!

– Kareem Tate